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Life is Short. Drive a Hot Rod.

Our Mission

Shifts in popular culture, recent legislation and the irresistible allure of nostalgia combine today with the time-honored, American love of the automobile to support our bold assertion:

The time to sell brand new, bespoke, classically-styled automobiles to American New Car Buyers is now. 

Item: TV Programming. Once relegated to off-peak hours on male-targetted channels (with those often only available with premium service), classic car auction programs like Barret-Jackson and Mecum have moved onto more commonly available and more generally targeted channels like Discovery.

Item: H.R. 2675. President Obama signed the highway bill in December of 2015, permitting manufacture of up to 325 new turnkey replica vehicles per builder per year, exempt from the requirements of NHTSA. 

Item: Nostalgia Sells. Beginning with the retro-inspired Mustang in 2005, Chevrolet and Dodge have joined Ford by relaunching modern interpretations of their classic muscle cars.

Our presentation above begins the conversation. How the next part unfolds depends on you

• Are you a Buyer, who wants to own a really cool car?

• Are you a Vendor, with products that fit our business model?

• Are you a Builder looking for a way to expand your business?

• Are you a Media Partner, looking for a unique story to tell?

• Are you an Investor, curious to see if there is an opportunity for you here?

No matter who you are, we're ready to continue the conversation. Are you?

Let's Talk About Cars!

Bringing Buyers, Builders
& Vendors together.

Retro Motors USA

Roger Leeper
Chief Conversation Officer

6745 Camelia Drive, Miramar, FL 33023
Phone: 925-609-4764



You have the right to drive a cool car

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