The Perfect Gift for Your Favorite Motor Head!

We recently flexed our marketing muscle on behalf of automotive writer Diego Rosenberg. Long toiling behind the scenes writing copy for enthusiast magazines and websites, he has released his first book.

We give it two thumbs up, and for the first time in our life we regret not having a third thumb. We'd use it here if we had it!

Now Dig This: Diego has agreed to sign a copy for you, or for your "giftee", for FREE if you purchase with the Coupon Code Below.

Selling the American Muscle Car takes you through Detroit's glory days, when to win on Sunday at the local drag strip meant sales on Monday. Learn about the corporate titans that got to green light your favorite ride, and the performance and marketing efforts that the big three put into place, in their frenzied rush to grab your attention... and your dollars.

How rare is rare? Production numbers tell the story. Tons of photos, many in jaw dropping color, take you straight back to the day.

Being the marketing wonks that we are, when we got our copy, we spent a full ten minutes just drinking in the inside front cover placement of the 1969 Mercury "Street Sweeper" double truck ad layout! Looking at the Peter Max-like artwork and reading the compelling reasons to buy my own "sure footed cat" flashed me straight back. And that's before turning page one!

Full Disclosure: Diego is our client, one we solicited after a mutual marketing pal made the introduction. Yet even if we found this book for sale elsewhere, we'd yearn for that third thumb.

Here's the Deal: Visit Diego's site Choose a signed copy of the book, and then at checkout use the Coupon Code: ThanksDiego! to remove the signature charge from your order! 

This is Diego's first book, so who can predict the future value of a first edition volume, signed by the author? Certainly not us, though we can tell you that the info found inside this tome is priceless to motor heads like us!

Order early to avoid disappointment, as quantities are limited and this offer expires at midnight, December 12th, to allow plenty of time for shipping.

Advertising, muscle cars - we even get a smiling Mr. Norm on the cover!

Thanks, Diego!

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