Cars. People. Fun. Mix 'em all together and you get people having fun on wheels. Vary the proportions and you create wildly different experiences that have these three things in common. Here are just two of our favorites.

Viewing cars as art

You don't have to know a cubic inch from a cubic zirconia to appreciate the lines, shapes and forms found in classically styled automobiles. Designers in Detroit were heralded as heroes back in their day, and from their fertile minds sprang exciting designs that spoke of speed and prestige and freedom. Every year an inspiring new lineup of vehicles was unveiled, and eager American consumers enjoyed a seemingly limitless smorgasbord of choices.

These designs in turn inspire others to push the limits ever outward. One such chap is Ron Berry from Utah, whose latest, German-inspired creation was showcased by Dennis Gage on his show My Classic Car.


Hopefully seeing this motivates you to seek out car shows in your area. For us in south Florida that will be the fast approaching Fast Expo. Reach out if you're going and would like to meet up. For the rest of y'all, here are some places to find out what's up in your jurisdiction.

Hemmings Motor News | Hotrod Hotline | Good Guys | NSRA | Autorama . World of Wheels . Calvalcade of Customs

While trophies are awarded at car shows, the judging is quite subjective. A different group of judges or attendees could produce different results from the same field of cars.

Our need for speed

By contrast, judging is absolute at the drag strip. All judging is done within the strict confines of a precisely measured 1/8 or 1/4 mile track. Finish first = win. leave too soon = lose. 

The sights, sounds and smells of drag racing combine to form an irresistible elixir for some, and for many of those the attraction began at an early age. With such a tenured fan base, there is deep appreciation for the history and tradition of the sport. And so it's somewhat understandable that a pending rule change in the NHRA has more than a few folks vexed.

This year the Pro Stock classes will switch to electronic fuel injection from the traditional carbureted set-up. Gone are the bulging hood scoops, replaced with sleek, flat canvases for sponsor logos. The video below shares some perspective - the last time the Pro Stock rules changed was 1982. Stat Guy Lewis Bloom breaks it down for us, and we get a splendid treat in the vintage NHRA footage featuring color commentary our hero Chris Economaki

On the upside the rule change should shuffle the deck a bit, as everyone has to start with a brand new tune, so we'll no doubt see some exciting racing in Pro Stock this year. But don't get us started. 

We could go on all day and long into the night about how racing at ANY drag strip strip is worthy of ogling, but it's best if you see, hear, smell and feel for yourself. 

NHRA | IHRA | NMRA | Great Lakes Dragaway | Orlando Speed World Dragaway | PBIR

Apologies to promoters we missed; submit your info and we'll update. All are welcome to request recommendations for their specific area.


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