Hemmings Motor News posted a splendid article yesterday letting the automotive faithful know the three classics participating in 'The Drive Home' have successfully arrived at their destination. From their home at America's Car Museum in Tacoma Washington, a 1957 Chevrolet Nomad, a 1961 Chrysler 300G and a 1966 Ford Mustang travelled nearly 3,000 miles, arriving in Detroit for their place in the North American International Auto Show.

Fitted with nothing more than Michelin snow tires and wrapped in clear vinyl to protect their finishes, the trio traversed mountains, crossed rivers and generally enjoyed 13 days of automotive bliss, motoring back to the town where they were born. The trip was completed without incident... except for the big smiles and thumbs up from passers by, and the warm conversation at the gas pump and dinners as they continued to head east.

The Hemmings piece does a nice job painting a picture in words of a time gone by, a time when American Made, American Pride and the American Dream were still very much a part of day to day conversation. And admittedly we may be a bit biased about this road trip since two of the three vehicles on the trip share DNA with cars we're bringing to market.

Check out the photos on Hemmings to see the cars at their road grimiest. They plan to remove the dirt (and the snow tires) before the NAIAS begins on January 11th. If you're able to attend, feel free to share your thoughts (and photos0 here.

More: HMN article: http://bit.ly/RMU-TDH | LeMay ACM: http://bit.ly/RMU-ACM | NAIAS: http://bit.ly/RMU-NAIAS

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