Many of us traditionally set new goals around this time of year, and one of my New Year's Resolutions is to spend more time behind the windshield! My goal of attending the annual Turkey Rod Run in November seems doable, given that I have to swap bodies on my '68 Ford before this can happen.

Inspiration for this came in the form of a few articles recently in Hemmings Motor News - the first is about "the mother road" turning 90 this year, the other about great alternates to Route 66 that provide a similar glimpse into life before the inter webs... or the interstate for that matter.

This happened at the same time as I was planning my annual New Year's "Revolution". Permit me to also share the tool that I use for this, as it differs from the typical goal setting advice I'd heard in the past. Though the last two years this method has served me well.

Follow the links here, then come back and comment about your plans to get behind the windscreen in 2016. Going to more car shows? Hitting the track? Participating in Hot Rod's Drag Week? How are you planning to have more Fun on Wheels in the year ahead?

Route 66 Turns 90: | Route 66 Alternates: | Goal Setting:

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