We believe that every American has the right to drive a cooler car and with the passage of H.R. 2675, it just became a little easier. This bill exempts small manufacturers from the onerous requirements of the National Highway Traffic Safety Association for items not typically found on classic cars, like five mph impact-resistant bumpers. Ugh!

And so it is with much rejoicing that we learn that the language of H.R. 2675 (a bill sponsored by SEMA) was incorporated into a larger bill funding highway construction, which has subsequently been signed into law by the President. Cooler cars AND the roads to drive them on! Only in America! Some highlights:

  • Low volume manufacturers now have the option of selling up to 325 replica vehicles in the U.S. each year.
  • A replica is a vehicle that resembles the body of another motor vehicle produced at least 25 years ago (ex: ’32 Roadster, ’65 Cobra, etc.).
  • Previously, companies were unable to sell turn-key cars since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulated these vehicles as if they were current model year vehicles, not vintage cars.
  • The new law treats these replicas the same as kit cars, subject to certain equipment standards (lighting, tires, windshields, brake hoses, etc.), recalls and remedies but not vehicle standards (roof crush, side impact, etc.).
  • Enthusiasts still have the option of building replicas and specialty constructed vehicles from kits.
  • Vehicles produced by the companies will have a current model year engine package certified by the EPA or California Air Resources Board and are exempt from emissions testing.
  • NHTSA and the EPA have one year to issue regulations to implement the new program. SEMA will work with these agencies to speed the process, which should take effect in early 2017.

Congrats to all of the Manufacturers, Builders and ultimately the Buyers of these vehicles. And thanks to SAN - the SEMA Action Network for their hard work in getting this law passed. Learn more here: http://www.semasan.com

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